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Abortion & Post Termination Issues

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Few women readily choose to have an abortion, but when facing an unplanned pregnancy, they can often feel there is no alternative.

The pressure of circumstances can feel overwhelming and there is often a lack of support at this critical time.

Following an abortion, a woman's immediate feeling is often one of relief. It seems as if the problem is solved and life is back to normal. But for some, the initial relief is replaced with emotional difficulties that they had not expected.

If you are suffering following an abortion, help is available

Most women have little alternative but to bury these painful feelings in order to survive. The abortion is sometimes a secret. The woman herself may fear being judged or misunderstood.

If family or friends do know, they are often uncertain how to react or talk about it without hurting her feelings.

The buried pain is sometimes called post-abortion stress.

What We Offer

At Bridgend Pregnancy Crisis Centre we have trained counsellors who can offer FREE confidential and impartial counselling concerning:
  • Abortion and Post-Abortion issues.
  • Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Baby Loss

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If you would like to talk to someone or make an appointment, call us or leave a message at any time. See our Contact Us page for the details.

We're here because we care!

Healing emotional hurt following an abortion is possible... and the process starts as soon as you are willing to say you'd like some support.

Many women have already been helped to come to terms with their decision to have an abortion, either with one-to-one counselling, or in a group, using a sensitive recovery programme.