Bridgend Pregnancy Crisis Centre

We offer a wide variety of services to suit your needs.

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Sometimes finding you are pregnant can be a confusing and frightening experience. Maybe you are faced with choices that have no easy answers. You need to know you have somewhere to turn, someone who cares. That's why we're here. Learn More »

Had an Abortion?

Few women readily choose to have an abortion, but when facing an unplanned pregnancy, they can often feel there is no alternative. The pressure of circumstances can feel overwhelming and there is often a lack of support at this critical time. Following an abortion, a woman's immediate feeling is often one of relief. It seems as if the problem is solved and life is back to normal. But for some, the initial relief is replaced with emotional difficulties that they had not expected. If you are suffering following an abortion, help is available. Learn More »

Baby Loss?

Have you had a miscarriage, still birth, or cot death?

Having lost a baby, during pregnancy or soon after birth, most women and their partners feel a sense of overwhelming loss and devastation. As well as feelings of extreme sadness, you may have experienced anger, resentment, anxiety, panic, sleeplessness etc. It can be helpful to know that such painful feelings are a normal part of grieving. At the Bridgend Pregnancy Crisis Centre, we listen, we understand, and we can help. Learn More »